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We Got You Covered

Add levity to your next all hands experience! Book a comedy show for your annual holiday party, corporate retreat, fundraiser, wellness programming, or just for fun!

With so much information packed into every conference, how about some entertainment to break up the day, with comedians who fit your theme?!

Got an employee or team with a special upcoming milestone? Surprise them a hilarious show in their honor, customized just for them!

Zoom fatigue is real, but virtual events don’t have to stink! Treat your people to a healthy dose of laughter fatigue thanks to our comedians! We also provide comedian hosts for your regular events!

Our Services

Let us help you boost morale with a stand-up comedy show your employees will love! We’ll talk with you to figure out what makes your company tick so we can choose the perfect material for the show. Got a beloved company pet or unofficial mascot? With some digital magic, we can make them the host of the show! Don’t worry, our performers are clean, respectful and appropriate for any audience. We’ll work closely with you to answer every question or request to ensure we create a fun and memorable event!

Funny Business for your Business


Surprise colleagues & customers with shows/content curated specifically for them. Great for corporate wellness, teambuilding, retention, or just plain fun.

Digital Impersonations

Engage your employees with parody animals, public figures, friends, statues and paintings. Customized for your company's culture and interest.


Custom digital impersonations show up LIVE in your video conference. Utilize these modern hosts to replace zoom fatigue with zoom laughter!

Pro Comedians

You've seen our talent on late night TV, comedy clubs, and festivals. They are all adept at delivering material that is best suited for your audience.

Virtual & live shows

We produce virtual shows for your team to enjoy safely from their home office. We've resumed in-person performances for your physical office too!

The Perfect Gift

Surprise that special someone with a funny digital impersonation on a zoom call or send them a link so they can watch whenever they like.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! You are covered by laws related to parody and fair use.

We will send you a high quality video file for your personal use, as well as a  link for easy sharing.  If you have paid for a live video conference appearance, the digital impersonation will pop in at a time you have scheduled with us with the video conference link you have provided.

For celebrities: We can not do characters that are copyrighted, but we can do the actors that play them.  So we wouldn’t be able to do “Creed” but we can do Michael B. Jordan (the actor that plays him).

For Friends/Family Members/Acquaintances:  The video sent needs to have a clear view of their face and should be a video they are okay with you sharing.

All the others (pets, cartoons, paintings etc):  Things that do not resemble a face can not be done.  So the Mona Lisa can be done, but not a picture of landscape.

We will work with you to find a good date and time.  You can request any of our comedians you would like to perform, or we can handle all of that for you, along with if you would like digitally impersonated hosts or a comedian as the host (this is also in the order form).  We provide a Zoom link but can work with any other platform you desire.


What is a digital impersonation?

Are Digital Impersonations Legal?

Comedy Cure for Zoom Fatigue

How to Order

What Our Customers Say

We were so pleased to have the Laugh Dealers help us create a more engaging and entertaining event. Zoom events have gotten "tired," and with the addition of cleverly-thought-out and well-executed digital impersonations, we kept up a high level of energy and enthusiasm that we would not have been able to achieve without them."
Responsive. Creative. Reliable. Trusted. Four compelling reasons to work with Charlie Nadler and Kiar Holland at LaughDealers. The ground-breaking virtual comedy show that our partnership delivered united through laughter our nationwide Dulye Leadership Experience community--and introduced newcomers to join us. Amazing results made possible through LaughDealers' polish and professionalism.
Nailed it! The event was a great success. Laugh Dealers helped me put on a virtual comedy show for my husband’s 50th birthday. The whole process was easy and they were very responsive and met all of my requests. I would definitely recommend. The comedians did not disappoint.
Sharon Coe
Planner of Birthday Parties
The virtual comedy show was such a blast, and we appreciated all of the organizing and creation of the digital intros! The amount of personalization put into the program did not go unnoticed. It really helped to unite our employees and reaffirm our strong culture. We have gotten such great feedback from our employees and are overjoyed by their positive responses. The comedians knocked it out of the park, and were very mindful of our language restrictions. Thanks again!
Special Project Manager, Novozymes

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